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As each particular project progresses Roeslein applies its innovative and proven methodology to identify responsibilities, engineer efficient designs, and deploy resources prudently for the benefit of the client’s budgets and schedule. During Phase 5: Commissioning and Start Up, Roeslein implements stringent protocols to ensure that cost and schedule savings accrued over the life of the project translate into smoothly and efficiently operating equipment.

As installation ends and the Roeslein commissioning team prepares to take over from the construction team a comprehensive punch list ensures that no details are missed during the handover process.  The project manager continues to coordinate and oversee the process all the way through commissioning and start up.  All parties involved, including the project manager review and sign a hard-copy handover document generated as part of the transition.

Roeslein involves both the plant operations team and OEM supplier representatives in the commissioning in order to ensure a well-organized and timely process. Beginning with support equipment and then moving on to the process equipment itself, commissioning first focuses on the production of quality product within client specifications.  Frequently, because of the application of the principles of Modularization, Unitization, and Preassembly during the earlier phases of the project the commissioning team spends fewer hours troubleshooting problems relating to construction and systems integration.  This time savings allows for a sharper focus on the calibration of the support and process equipment itself and a more rapid completion of the commissioning process, which sees the production of sellable product.

Moving more fully into the start up and actual operation of the facility, Roeslein continues to calibrate and adjust as necessary to operate the process in a continuous mode, increasing volume step by step until it reaches maximum production output goals within quality specifications.  The start up team works with plant operations to continue to monitor quality, performance, and equipment operations to ensure optimum results. Roeslein provides long-term support to its clients in the form of assistance to improve process operations, plant ownership of operations, quality, and performance. Roeslein also provide the support necessary to convert operations to the production of alternative products.

Roeslein’s 5-Phase Process, ending with Phase 5: Start Up and Commissioning, is the culmination of not simply a well organized project process, but of its years of experience refining and developing its unique approach to large capital projects.  Roeslein undertakes each of its client’s projects as a distinctive opportunity, evaluating and applying the principles of Modularization, Unitization, and Preassembly where they serve best in each unique instance.