by Roeslein Roeslein

Pride Conveyance Systems: A Roeslein Company has been a leader in the can making business for 30 years. With their manufacturing capabilities in Hollister, CA, Red Bud, IL, Shanghai, China, Debno, Poland, and Sao Paulo, Brazil, they are now able to expand their product line offerings from each location while shortening the lead and shipping times with the same level of quality Pride is known for. This is executed through their dedicated customer service and installation team with experienced technicians at each location.

Pride Conveyance Systems is working to develop product improvements in support of a constantly changing industry. Specialty containers, lightweight cans, faster line speeds, and reduced change over time are their focus. Recently, there have upgrades made to the quick change gravity track, jackscrew assemblies for height changes, and conveyance and gripper elevators. These improvements have allowed Pride to stay on the leading edge of can handling conveyance technology and energy-saving solutions.

Another major product upgrade is the Air Doubling Box. These improvements include:

  • Flatter decks to help with issues associated with smaller diameters and lighter weight cans.
  • Improved repeatability and quality control through design.
  • Easy change out decks.
  • Better waterfall to deck interface. Elimination of the bird’s beak.
  • Improved plenum to frame mounting bracketry.
  • Same footprint as direct upgrade replacement. No other conveying changes required.

All Pride Conveyance Systems products are customized with the customers’ needs and specifications in mind. With a highly skilled and experienced workforce, installation teams are developed from manufacturing facility crews allowing installers to have both conveyance manufacturing and installing experience. This unique approach allows for shorter installation periods and a quicker return on investment.