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Building on the foundation of the design & engineering segments of the project, Roeslein’s Phase 3 approach seamlessly transforms meticulous planning and design into concrete action.  As the project enters into the fabrication process at one of its three fabrication facilities, the exceptional benefits of its unique Unitized, Modularized, and Preassembled methodology take center stage.

Drawing on the objective-based planning completed in Phase 2, Roeslein begins the procurement of major equipment, vessels, tanks and any long-lead items called out in the detailed designs. Process and support equipment, conveyance, instrumentation, and construction materials are amassed at one of its fabrication facilities for incorporation into its industry-leading preassembly process.

As procured equipment arrives, Roeslein’s highly qualified labor force begins the fabrication in accordance with its strict fabrication standards. Our clients trust that each Roeslein project is built and thoroughly tested to meet specifications.  Roeslein’s dedication to project detail is adhered to in all facets of structural and pipe fabrication, as well as integration of electrical, line control, and conveyance systems on its modular unit sections and thorough testing of its stand-alone process modules.  Roeslein is a Certified Premier Integrator for Inductive Automation, and its preassembly and testing process ensures the efficient integration of man-machine interface controls and automated line control systems.

Following the preassembly and testing process, unit sections and modules are disassembled and packed into dedicated shipping containers. Numbered containers are then shipped to arrive at the job site in specific order, which facilitates efficient unpacking and staging for the installation process. Once reassembly begins, pre-fitted connections and pre-tested components enable the positioning, interconnecting and anchoring process to proceed rapidly, improving the overall schedule.

Unitization, Modularization, and Preassembly stands at the center of Roeslein’s 5-Phase approach to project management and execution, and Phase 3: Procurement and Prefabrication constitutes the core of that methodology. Roeslein pioneered the practice of designing, fabricating, fully integrating and testing unitized modular systems and process modules off-site in a controlled fabrication environment.