by Roeslein Roeslein

Building upon existing foundations, Pride Conveyance Systems, a Roeslein company, has streamlined its manufacturing operations by implementing leadership training and LEAN manufacturing methods to meet increasing customer demand.  

The growth of Pride Conveyance Systems: A Roeslein Company is directly linked to an absolute commitment to meet and exceed customers’ expectations through flexibility and responsiveness as it taps into its teams’ proven expertise. 

Beginning with their leadership team, Pride implemented Principles of Leadership, Accountability, and Empowerment among its supervisors, leads, and operating team members, leading to the restructuring of the organization and adding group leader roles in an effort to create autonomous work groups.  

By bringing more control to the operating level, the company saw an increase in employee satisfaction and accountability. It was important to the leadership to implement these changes because this restructuring created a more efficient work environment for employees. 

 “This company embodies servant leadership, internally and externally. We believe that if you take care of your people, they will take care of the business and the customers. In the end, the customers are the ones that we are all here to serve,” said the leadership team at Pride. “Throughout the Roeslein family of brands, we have a saying that we aren’t finished with a job until the customer is completely satisfied, and this just reiterates that. It’s our end goal to ensure our customer is satisfied with our work, and our internal customers are satisfied with the company they work for.” 

Pride also used value stream mapping to identify bottlenecks in the manufacturing process. To increase wrench time, they implemented kitting and delivering at the cell level.  

This proved to be a major milestone for the manufacturing team. By separating the manufacturing cells by product category, they were able to define product lines and line experts. These line experts are now in the process of cross-training from one cell to the other to further improve efficiency. 

The company plans to continue focusing on methods to streamline its efforts and improve upon the principles of LEAN manufacturing.  

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