by Roeslein Roeslein

Pride Conveyance Systems, A Roeslein Company, announces recent updates to its Horizontal Air Doubling Box (ADB) product. The newly redesigned product features a more robust, ribbed deck support system that is welded for durability and allows the user to be able to replace the deck as needed.

The latest developments in the can manufacturing industry are being driven by the canmakers’ need for increased efficiency of their global production lines as it relates to ease of start-up, faster can size changes, more reliable performance, and reduced maintenance frequency/time.

Consumer trends are leaning toward a more sleek can profile, which requires a taller, lighter can and places new requirements on conveyance performance to avoid damage as the product is conveyed throughout the manufacturing process and improved can quality inspection techniques.

Pride’s update to the Air Doubling Box accommodates multiple can sizes, smaller can diameters, taller can heights, and lighter gauge cans. With flatter deck tolerances, the user is able to maintain more precise can clearances from the bottom to the top edge of the can.


  • Flatter, more rigid design
  • New version occupies the same footprint as previous product versions
  • Quick 30-minute change-out for deck replacement
  • Better transition from the waterfall to the deck
  • Faster conversion when changing can sizes and easier setup
  • Compatible with modern exiting blower packages
  • Minimizes conveyance impact on lighter-weight cans
  • Improved line efficiency
  • Professionally installed by Pride for maximum efficiency and minimal downtime

Pride Conveyance is backed by a robust team of technical and client support services across its global footprint. The company boasts dedicated project managers, engineers, safety personnel, inventory managers, and full-time customer service management. This full-service team ensures that all conveyance projects are met with best-in-the-industry talent and conveyance experience.

Quality in conveyance is at the top of mind for Pride as the company performs ongoing quality assessments across all fabrication facilities, which includes a cross-training program and utilization of standard practices for manufacturing and installation.

Pride’s service offerings include full-service client Lifecycle Support for a growing install base of conveyance systems. Lifecycle Support services with Pride include spare parts, technical support, conveyance assessments, retrofit and rebuild packages, as well as global field support. These services ensure continuous travel of cans throughout the entire process system with minimal downtime and interruption of can flow.