Biogas Cleaning Skid

Roeslein has become an industry leading expert at building, owning, and operating RNG facilities, fully designed biogas system processes, and managing the related regulatory compliance landscape. Roeslein is the first company to achieve EPA D3 Renewable Identification Number (RIN) Virtual Pipeline Pathway Approval using its turnkey Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) System. Roeslein’s turnkey RNG system combines fully integrated plug-n-play skids that monetize the manure to RNG process for farmers and project stakeholders, allowing them to diversify their income streams, reduce waste, and most importantly provide a renewable energy source for our nations vehicle fuel and power generation infrastructure.

Roeslein is experienced in the design, detail engineering, fabrication, construction, commissioning, and start-up of the entire biogas pathway; from the lagoon/plug-flow anaerobic digester to injection of product gas into the interstate/local distribution (LDC) pipelines. Roeslein’s team of subject matter experts have designed, tested and implemented a series of technologies, equipment configurations, compression systems, gas purification and instrumentation models, along with transport and injection scenarios, allowing for the development of its turnkey RNG System. Roeslein has implemented numerous swine, dairy, and waste-water treatment biogas to RNG projects using this approach.

  • Utilize membrane-based technology, partnering with internationally recognized Air Products for their proprietary membranes – up to 800 scfm system per module and 6,000 ppm H2S
  • Methane recovery > 95%, meeting pipeline gas quality specs, and low cost of operations
  • Fully integrated, truckable, modular format includes feed compressor, enclosed membrane system, H2S scrubber vessels, all interconnecting piping, electrical, controls, cable wiring, and instrument monitoring for RFS and LCFS compliance
  • Performance guarantees, field operations support, setup, and maintenance included
  • Optimal for outdoor locations, but convertible to “under roof applications”