Horizontal Air Doubling Box

Consumer trends are leaning toward a more sleek can profile, which requires a taller, lighter can and places new requirements on conveyance performance to avoid damage as the product is conveyed throughout the manufacturing process and improved can quality inspection techniques. 

Pride’s update to the Air Doubling Box accommodates multiple can sizes, smaller can diameters, taller can heights, and lighter gauge cans. With flatter deck tolerances, the user is able to maintain more precise can clearances from the bottom to the top edge of the can. 


  • Flatter, more rigid design 
  • New version occupies the same footprint as previous product versions 
  • Quick 30-minute change-out for deck replacement 
  • Better transition from the waterfall to the deck 
  • Faster conversion when changing can sizes and easier setup 
  • Compatible with modern exiting blower packages 
  • Minimizes conveyance impact on lighter-weight cans 
  • Improved line efficiency