Magnetic conveyors and beverage can conveyors

Magnetic conveyors are well-suited to handle the needs of the container, food, and beverage industries. Securely stabilized, our magnetic beverage can conveyors allow products to be safely transported through inspection systems, transfers, turns, elevators, and lowerators. With the ability to manufacture our magnetic conveyors in a range of widths, conveyance systems from Sager provide reliable, time-tested solutions where container stability is essential.

Magnetic conveyor features

  • Painted mild steel or stainless steel construction
  • Table-top or mat-top designs, available in a variety of widths to meet process requirements
  • Standard, industry-accepted, or customer-specified conveyor belts and sprockets
  • Fixed or adjustable height/diameter designs for single or multiple container sizes
  • High-efficiency drive system mounted above or on shaft, suitable for variable speed applications
  • Sanitary designs available
  • Oil-mist eliminators available for use with vacuum conveyors in metal container-forming applications