Spiral Elevator


System Features

  • Stainless steel rotating drum with helical slider belt support and direct PLC panel controls
  • Bi-directional accumulation spiral conveyance system provides accumulation loading and unloading without the line pressure associated with traditional bidirectional tables
  • Greater capacity over a smaller overall footprint
  • Self-supporting system requiring no access platforms
  • Up to 50,000 can accumulation capability
  • 243 sq. ft. floorspace footprint which is significantly less than traditional bidi tables

System Advantages

  • Clients employing this system can expect an increased daily can output of up to 1% efficiency gain with a rapid payback on their capital investment
  • Greater accumulation capacity leads to improved line efficiencies
  • Enhances the management of line upsets and routine interruptions like coil and label changes delivering more cans out the door day in and day out
  • The modular execution strategy allows for the ease of installation
  • A chain drive belt system assists in calibrating the correct belt tension extending the service life of the system
  • The smaller footprint of the system allows for a reduction in the required available floor space
  • Fewer downed cans than traditional systems
  • Installation of the system can be achieved with minimal downtime

Traditional Bi-Directional Accumulation Table

Size12' x 143'
Floor Space1,716 sq. ft.
Capacity34,320 cans

Pride Bi-Directional Accumulation Mega Spiral

Size24 wrap x 36" belt
Floor Space243.4 sq. ft.
Capacity56,160 cans