Decorator Cooling System

The Roeslein solution to decorator cooling is a user friendly design with decentralized control for the temperature of the Decorator inkers, gearbox, and overvarnish tank. Precise temperature control is achieved through the application of the latest technology in integrated pump and valve controls.

System Summary

  • 10 individually controlled temperature zones
  • Clean modular design with all components inside Rittal enclosures
  • 304SS piping and filter vessels and pump housing on water systems
  • De-Centralized controls (No PLC required)
  • Integral controller in each control valve
  • IFM temperature sensors and Flowmeter with local readout
  • Main pump has integrated VFD and pressure transducer for constant pressure supply

System Advantages

  • Consistent inker and gearbox temperature control even with varying Decorator speeds
  • Filtration of cooling water to Decorator (to 25 microns)
  • Heating with Decorator idle in order to avoid over-cooling
  • Capability to cover a wider range of inker temperatures than with most single zone systems

Multi-Zone Temperature Control Advantages

  • Flexibility of individual inker temperature control for different ink characteristics
  • Capability to provide a level of predictive maintenance. Monitoring trend of valve position and temperature at each inker.
  • Improved control of: Ink viscosity, Ink misting, Color variation, Film weight


  • Power Required – 400-460 VAC, 50/60Hz, 45 FLA
  • Chiller Capacity – 25kW [7.1 tons]
  • Heater Capacity – 10kW [2.85 tons]
  • Flowrate – 98 liters/min [26 gpm]
  • Shipping Weight – 1690 kg [3728 lbs]
  • Operating Sound Level – 73dBA