Mist Collector

  • Three stage filtration system with Camfil filter cartridges including MERV 15 final filtration
  • Integral velocity sensor with local velocity readout. This sensor will provide feedback necessary to control fan speed automatically for optimum velocity through the unit and design flowrate for the mist generating equipment.
  • Washable first stage filters. 98% Efficiency rated for 20 micron and larger droplets.
  • Five star Energy Cost Index filter elements in 2nd and 3rd stages
  • Radial pleated replaceable Merv 8 second stage filters with high wet strength frame
  • V-Bank arrangement, replaceable Merv 16 third stage filters of glass media
  • Filter access doors on both sides of unit with quick release latches
  • Unit flow ranges from 2000cfm to 12000cfm
  • Dedicated panel with VFD for fan speed control available