Standard Instrument Air Skid

Servtech’s Compressed Air Systems consist of compressors, air dryers, receivers, filtration, and climate control within skidded buildings, to provide instrument-quality air and compression for various industrial applications.

The system generates kinetic energy by compressing and pressuring air, which releases on demand with desired speed and torque. Compressed air systems with pneumatic tools can operate in humid and wet environments compared to electrical equipment, where overloading poses a potential hazard. Additionally, our compressed air skidded buildings speak to the versatility needed for remote applications.

Packages can be equipped with:

  • 100% redudant compressors and air-drying systems for mission critical applications
  • Rotary screw or reciprocating
  • Variable speed and site power distribution
  • Gas, fire, cooling, and heating systems
  • Communications and monitoring
  • Local building authority certifications

Instrument Air Package

Servtech’s Instrument Air Package is a commercially competitive twin screw compressor option to utilize in place of traditional reciprocating compressor packages. This compact design is fully integrated and features steel enclosures. The package can be easily deployed with a forklift or telehandler and can be up and running the same day it delivers.

Features Include:

  • Short Cycling Prevention

    When demand is met, an auto restart feature will run a reduced load for 10 minutes, allowing for a cool down. This prevents short cycling problems, reducing mechanical wear and the potential of catastrophic failure due to motor overheating.

  • Compact Design

    You can access all equipment from outside the package, making the footprint much smaller than a traditional instrument air skid and building.

  • Non-occupiable

    These facilities are not designed to be occupied by personnel and thus do not fall under Department of Housing regulations. These are categorized as equipment, not occupiable facilities.

  • Steel Skid Structure

    The packages mount to a steel skid for added weight and equipment support. The steel skid has forklift pockets with a telehandler or forklift for easy mobility. No cranes are needed to move or deploy these packages.

  • Powder-coated Steel Enclosures

    Vastly superior to a fiberglass building, these will hold up to very harsh climates and are non-flammable.

  • Thermal Management

    Packages are fully insulated with high thermal matting. The insulation has very high R-values and outstanding noise attenuation features.

  • Safe Noise Levels

    Comparable reciprocating 15HP compressors run at 85.1 dB, and the 15HP twin screw compressors run at 68 dB. Reciprocating compressors are comparable to city traffic, in which prolonged exposure may result in hearing loss. Servtech’s twin screw compressors are equivalent to normal conversation levels.

  • Full Integrated Control Panel

    480V or 240VAC supply power into the flange mount main circuit breaker is all needed; Servtech handles the rest. The packages have a control power transformer and every load has its circuit breakers for maintenance and overload protection.

To learn more about Instrument Air Stations and Packages, please talk to a Roeslein representative today.