Servtech vertical turbine pump stations are custom-built for your specific application. Servtech’s philosophy is to build cost effective pump stations for the customer’s application. Servtech will meet the demand of future operational changes as anticipated by integrating packages of HMIs, PLCs, VFDs, motors, and pumps onto a durable foundation that is modular. Our modular construction usually allows us to install a pump station on-site in less than a day.

Triplex Pump Station that’s Ready for Placement

  • 200 - 20,000 GPM at 30 - 800 PSI

    Broad range of flow/head capacity with single or multiple pump stations to meet a variety of flow and head conditions.

  • Electric Motor

    Heavy duty, premium efficiency, inverter duty motor design for vertical.

  • Variable Speed Motor Control

    Pressure maintenance, flow control, energy savings, reduced mechanical stress, motor/pump protection.

Servtech 600 HP Pump Skid | 200 HP VLT Pump | 18” Diameter Steel Piping
  • Integrated Design

    Stations are designed as an integrated “system” including pumps, motors, VFDs, controls, instrumentation, and communications.

  • Durable

    Steel fabricated skids, epoxy interior coated piping, quality components.

  • Field Service

    Factory trained, expert field service, installation, startup, and repair.

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