Biogas Upgrading System
A Scalable Solution

Roeslein is highly experienced in the engineering, construction, and operation of biogas facilities. It’s Biogas Upgrading System (or Turnkey Renewable Natural Gas System) combines fully integrated plug-n-play skids that monetizes the element to RNG process for producers and project stakeholders, allowing them to diversify their income streams, reduce waste, and most importantly provide a renewable energy source for our nations vehicle fuel and power generation infrastructure. Roeslein systems have been implemented on numerous swine, dairy, and waste-water treatment biogas to RNG projects.


Roeslein Advantage

  • Experience on more than 40 livestock lagoon anaerobic digesters with the development, design, construction, covering, and operational processes
  • Operating expertise to maximize biogas capture, lagoon cover management, and cost effective operations
  • Knowledge of varying design basis conditions for optimal blower/chiller gas conditioning systems, gathering pipelines, feed compressor systems, membrane & non-membrane gas cleaning system, product compressor, tailgas destruction, glycol/heat exchanger systems, critical moisture control management, metering equipment, and instrumentation
  • Designed, engineered, constructed, provided start-up operations for RNG tube trailer truck loading and unloading facilities for virtual pipeline
  • Extensive experience with assorted OEM’s for other critical RNG facility processes (flares, TOX units, driers, gas flow & concentration sample metering / detailed metering)
  • Extensive experience in developing and implementing programming and systems controls for both on-site and remote operations

Model Types

Roeslein’s Turnkey RNG System is available in both an Industrial Model and Compact Model. Units have the same system features, but varying sizes for a range of customer specifications and sizing needs.

Industrial Biogas Upgrading System | Biogas Digestor System | Featuring Anaerobic Digestion Technology
Industrial Biogas Upgrading System | Biogas Digestor System | Featuring Anaerobic Digestion Technology
Compact Biogas Upgrading System | Biogas Digestor System | Featuring Anaerobic Digestion Technology
Compact Biogas Upgrading System | Biogas Digestor System | Featuring Anaerobic Digestion Technology

System Features

  • Utilize membrane-based technology – up to 900 scfm system per module and 5,000 ppm H2S
  • Methane recovery 97%-99%, meeting pipeline gas quality specs, and low cost of operations
  • Fully integrated, truckable, modular format with feed compressor(s), enclosed gas cleaning system that includes membranes, all interconnecting piping, electrical, controls, cable wiring, and instrument monitoring for RFS and LCFS compliance
  • Performance guarantees, field operations support, setup, and maintenance included
  • Optimal for outdoor locations, but convertible to “under roof applications”

Project Development & Regulatory Compliance

Roeslein’s achievement with the EPA has required extensive regulatory understanding and demonstrated design and data collection compliance. For all initial project development efforts, Roeslein’s subject matter experts can provide a variety of services, which involve both front-end planning and relevant back-end compliance.


  • CapEx assessment and budgeting
  • Feedstock analysis
  • Off-take guidance
  • Implementation strategy (direct inject, hub-n-spoke, local gathering)
  • Project registration/approvals with EPA – engineering review, RIN generation protocol
  • Project registration/approvals with California Air Resources Board (ARB), if applicable – Greet 3.0 modeling, initial reporting period data gathering
  • RIN generation for project – EPA Data Tracking System compliance and reporting requirements
  • CI Score optimization

Operations & Energy Management

Roeslein knows the manure to RNG process can be complicated. Its team of professionals understand the complex and numerous processes of tracking the CH4 molecule through the entire pathway, as well as managing the accounting process. Roeslein provides a variety of operational maintenance and energy management services tailored to guiding you to your quickest return on your investment. Roeslein’s operational maintenance and energy management services include:

  • Detailed operations manual
  • Lessons learned matrix and key maintenance items
  • Create and manage data gathering system
  • Key equipment monitoring services
  • Continuous data verification
  • Data accuracy verifications
  • Equipment monitoring plan
  • Monthly Q-RIN verification
  • Manage 3rd party meter records

To learn more about Roeslein's Biogas Upgrading System, please talk to a Roeslein representative today.