by Roeslein Roeslein

November 1st marks the first anniversary of Roeslein and Associates’ acquisition of Servtech, Inc. In the short time since the acquisition, Servtech has adapted to the exponential growth seen in the Oil & Gas industry by expanding its operational services group, extending its manufacturing floor space, and adding 27 new full-time employees on the production floor and in several engineering, administrative, and managerial positions. 

“It’s been almost a year since Roeslein acquired us, but I feel like we’re making a lot of progress,” said Servtech Vice President Chris Broadfoot. “It’s been awesome to share resources in several different departments and leverage the manufacturing capabilities of Red Bud for some of our oil and gas clients.” 

In the past, Servtech’s operational group had the sole purpose of supporting manufacturing needs, but with the new expansion of the group, Servtech can now offer clients preventative maintenance, general maintenance, and commissioning. These new services create tremendous growth potential and have been very successful with current clients. 

Servtech was acquired by Roeslein & Associates in 2021. Servtech is a vertically integrated custom manufacturer of mission-critical industrial equipment. The company has a wide range of experience and skills in designing and manufacturing power distribution centers, prefabricated pump stations, LACT stations, custom electrical and motor control panels, and more. To learn more, visit Serv Tech – Servtech Inc. is a vertically integrated custom manufacturer of mission-critical industrial equipment. ( 

Roeslein & Associates was founded in 1990 and is a turnkey solution provider with over 30 years of industry-leading experience, starting in the canmaking sector and expanding its footprint through the oil & gas and renewable energy markets. With over 650 million in annual revenue, Roeslein is regionally situated to provide a prefabricated and preassembled project approach for any industry. Its 1400+ employees are spread across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. To find out more, please visit