by Roeslein Roeslein

As their sixth year as an employee-owned company comes to an end, Roeslein & Associates is celebrating National ESOP Month. ESOP Month is an opportunity for ESOP companies across the United States to educate their employee-owners and the community about the benefits of employee-ownership.

President and COO, Brian Sneed, stated: “The Employee Stock Ownership Program is a platform for all of us to work together as One Roeslein to deliver superior quality and service to our customers.  We have seen measurable benefits in our safety record, continuous improvement initiatives and share value appreciation since starting the ESOP in 2014.  Most importantly I believe the ESOP has fostered a company culture and commitment to excellence that unites all of us as Employee Owners.”

In January 2014, Roeslein transitioned into an ESOP company and has grown to include 551+ employee-owners. Through organic growth, Roeslein has added 92 employees in 2019.

During the past six years of being an ESOP company, Roeslein has noticed a significant positive impact throughout its offices, as well as a sense of ownership among its employee-owners. It is this momentum that has brought Roeslein many successes within recent years.

Brian Hanger, General Manager of Roeslein & Associates’ Red Bud, IL location, explained: “Roeslein’s ESOP is what truly allows every employee to say this is my company.  All of us have a stake in the business which is a fantastic privilege.”

Roeslein & Associates takes ESOP Month as an opportunity to not only celebrate its employee-owners, but to continue educating them on what employee-ownership truly means and the culture that stands behind it. Roeslein continually encourages all employees to participate in all of the upcoming ESOP Month events and activities as it celebrates the success they’ve had as an employee-owned company.