by Roeslein Roeslein

Roeslein & Associates is pleased to announce it has expanded its capacity and capabilities to meet the global demand for aluminum beverage can manufacturing plants. The expansion is marked by additional global fabrication space and the new Building Design and Construction group led by Dean Foth.

The company boasts nearly 1 million square feet of fabrication space across four continents, with the recent acquisition of its Roeslein Michigan City location and expansions to current manufacturing facilities in Red Bud, IL, São Paulo, Brazil, and Dębno, Poland. This growth is coupled with an increase in employees, approaching 1,000 globally.

“The demand for aluminum beverage cans is reaching unprecedented levels. We have been working these past five years toward our strategic growth plan to ensure that we are able to continue to keep pace and provide world-class services and products to our customers,” said Brian Sneed, President & COO of Roeslein. “Last year, we completed the engineering, manufacturing, and construction of 15 new can lines, which accounted for nearly 20 billion new cans in the industry. We were extremely proud to deliver all of these on schedule, despite a global pandemic.”

Increased capacity and demand led to the need for Roeslein to provide additional services for a comprehensive, turnkey project execution approach. Sneed continued, “Performing the building process will allow Roeslein to continue delivering the same high-quality and most efficient solutions for implementing projects moving forward. This venture will allow us to fully provide a turnkey offering and improve the overall schedule by controlling the building construction activities, giving Roeslein total responsibility for the project delivery. From day one, we will be able to manage the building’s design, the sequencing of the construction, and the overall planning. We will be able to take into consideration both the schedule for the building and the process to optimize the entire project.”

Roeslein’s Building Design & Construction group will allow Roeslein to redefine system integration operations. With years of experience managing contracted construction on its customer’s facilities, this group’s formalization brings its execution in-house. It also allows Roeslein to expedite the mobilization to install its process units and systems while allowing customers to enter into a single contract for the entire scope of work.

At its inception, the Building Design & Construction Group will be centralized within their St. Louis, MO headquarters. However, Charles J. Reneski, P.E., Divisional President, Construction Operational Services, stated, “As with the rest of Roeslein, we will want to have a regional footprint. We will start at St. Louis headquarters, but we will have support in locations around the world as projects arise.”

The benefits of the company’s new group reach beyond the ability to offer a compressed project schedule. Roeslein has 5 domestic offices spread across various regions in the United States. This regional exposure, along with Dean Foth’s years of experience, will prove to be valuable for international clients looking to expand to the United States. Roeslein’s new Building Design and Construction group will be able to offer guidance on variances in state-to-state construction, safety, and environmental regulations proving for an easy transition for its clients.

“Bringing this portion of the scope of work in-house allows us the flexibility to improve speed-to-market for our clients, but also allows us to help them navigate a new construction regulatory climate that they may not have had experience with in the past,” said Reneski. “Roeslein has built a team with experience in both commercial and industrial building construction projects and holds construction licenses in each state in which we have projects.”

Director Dean Foth will be responsible for managing all aspects of building design and construction and handling client relationships by developing and discovering growth opportunities with existing clients. Dean will be tasked with growing this department to support Roeslein’s mission of delivering projects that hit all of their internal metrics and drive their clients’ success. He will also be supporting all aspects of the business to ensure the continuation of the company’s advancement and growth.

“I am looking forward to working with Roeslein on this next chapter of expanded service offerings for our global client base,” said Foth. “The reduction in the project schedule to help our clients meet the global demand for sustainable beverage packaging will absolutely be a competitive advantage we will be able to pass on to our clients.”