by Roeslein Roeslein

As Roeslein celebrates its 30th anniversary, they are pleased to announce the opening of their new engineering and manufacturing operations in the São Paulo region of Brazil. This location will be referred to as Roeslein Brazil and was incorporated in December of 2019.

The opening of Roeslein Brazil aligns with Roeslein’s strategic plan to localize project services to better serve regional clients. The company has been working toward this vision with their recent acquisition of the Roeslein Poland office, and ongoing expansions at all of Roeslein’s seven global locations.

“With the exponential growth of the canmaking industry, this is an exciting time for Roeslein,” said Brian Sneed, President and COO. “The expansion of our professional, manufacturing, and construction services into South America allows us to provide exceptional value to our global client base by providing them with world-class project execution where they need it most. This expansion will allow us to foster deeper relationships with the customers we have been working with for the past 30 years. We appreciate the support of our customers, employees, and suppliers as we establish our presence in South America.”

In South America, Roeslein & Associates has a long history of working in the region’s countries, having completed projects including greenfield plants, line expansions, can conversions, and speed-ups. With their history of working in Brazil, Roeslein is confident that this new location will allow them to better serve their established customers. They will offer engineering, project management, manufacturing, construction services, as well as operational services directly from the new location.