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Roeslein’s Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) efforts are having a tremendous impact. After celebrating Global Safety Month throughout the month of June, garnishing support from its global workforce, the team was recognized for several significant milestones at the company’s annual employee update, held this year on July 13th. Roeslein’s COO, Rob Campbell, took the opportunity to highlight its employee’s steadfast commitment to safety as an integral part of its company culture – One Roeslein. Underpinning this dedication is a shared belief that every employee’s well-being is of utmost importance, and safety remains the cornerstone of Roeslein’s success.

Through tireless efforts and a united commitment, Roeslein & Associates has achieved several significant safety milestones, reinforcing its unwavering focus on creating a safe and secure workplace for all of its employees and customers. These accomplishments are a testament to the company’s dedication to continuous improvement and its pursuit of excellence in safety standards.

Notable milestones achieved by Roeslein & Associates include:

Historical Low EMR (Experience Modification Rate) – Reflecting the company’s proactive measures to prevent workplace incidents, the organization has attained a historically low Experience Modification Rate of 0.64, highlighting its commitment to reducing occupational hazards. Companies should aim to have an EMR lower than one as an industry standard. Over the past several years, Roeslein has maintained a score wavering around 0.7, officially achieving a new record low.

Global Record Low TCIR (Total Case Incident Rate) – Roeslein & Associates’ dedication to fostering a culture of safety has resulted in a remarkable achievement of a record low TCIR of 0.906 across all its operations worldwide, compared to the industry average of 2.70, underscoring the company’s consistent and effective safety practices. Roeslein officially achieved this impressive record on May 31, 2023.

Roeslein Brazil – The Roeslein Brazil team has demonstrated exemplary diligence and adherence to safety protocols, reaching an impressive 200 consecutive days without a recordable injury.

Roeslein Poland – The Roeslein Poland team’s relentless focus on safety has paid off, as they celebrate an exceptional milestone of 250 consecutive days without a recordable injury.

Roeslein Shanghai – has exemplified unparalleled dedication to safety, achieving an astounding 1,540 consecutive days without a lost time injury, a remarkable accomplishment spanning over 220 weeks.

Method Flow Products, A Roeslein Company – Method Flow Products, part of Roeslein’s traditional energy division, commemorates five years of unwavering commitment to safety, reinforcing the company’s long-term dedication to safeguarding its workforce.

Pride Conveyance Systems, A Roeslein Company – Pride, an integral part of the Roeslein & Associates family, has reached a significant milestone of one year without a lost time injury, underscoring the effectiveness of their safety measures.

Servtech, Inc., A Roeslein Company – Servtech’s impressive track record of 220 consecutive days without a recordable injury reflects its continuous efforts to prioritize safety in every aspect of its operations and adopt Roeslein’s mentality of driving a safety-positive culture.

group lunch celebrating safety milestones

Director of Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) at Roeslein & Associates, Ryan Kirkpatrick, expressed his gratitude to the entire workforce: “Through our family of brands, safety is not just a priority; it is ingrained in our culture. We are immensely proud of every employee’s efforts and unwavering commitment to maintaining a safe working environment. These safety milestones are a testament to our shared vision of safeguarding each other and our belief that every team member deserves to return home safely each day. We remain steadfast in our pursuit of continuous improvement and will continue to build upon this strong safety foundation.”

Roeslein & Associates continues to prioritize safety as a fundamental value in its company-wide culture of One Roeslein, seeing an overall reduction of 61% in injuries over the same time compared to last year.