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Today is a day to reflect with gratitude and honor those who have served and continue serving our country. Roeslein & Associates would like to thank all current and former Armed Services members. Happy Veterans Day to our military and their families, who sacrifice so much for our country. 

 On this day, we share the stories of active-duty Roeslein employees who know firsthand what freedom means.   


Ben Rice

Following his father’s footsteps, Ben commissioned into the United States Army in December 2016 and spent four years on active duty. During that time, he ran tank organizations as a tank officer. Ben transitioned to regular reserve status for a year and a half, serving as an engineering officer working on projects on different reserve bases throughout the United States. Today he is on Individual Ready Reserve status.

 “The military does a really good job of letting you interact with people of varying cultural backgrounds, who may or may not speak English as a first language, so that’s been helpful for my role at Roeslein. It directly relates to talking to customers from different backgrounds, coworkers from different backgrounds, subcontractors, and so on. The military also gave me a strong footing in scheduling. You’ve got to meet your time hacks, and you’ve got to meet your delivery dates.” 


Matthew Hografe

Matthew enlisted in 2012 and serves as a Staff Sergeant in the Army National Guard. He has been deployed to Afghanistan twice and has served in countless stateside deployments for the National Guard. Matthew credits the military for jumpstarting his engineering career and providing him with several skills that transfer to his role at Roeslein. He said, “My primary job function is building bridges, so a lot of engineering is involved. I do quite a bit of quick math and problem-solving to ensure everything ties together correctly, which is very similar to my work in the Conveyance group at Roeslein.”  


Park Pratt

Park began his career with the United States Army in the Core of Engineers, doing geological surveys, soil testing, computer design, and drafting. He also moved to Georgia for a short period with an engineering support team and traveled to Korea to survey the demilitarized zone. Recently he traveled to the National Training Center at Fort Irwin to participate in an exercise to prepare for supporting foreign countries in military conflict. 

Back in St. Louis, Park works as a Systems Specialist IV for Roeslein’s Systems Engineering Group. He says, “The critical thinking exercises I learned in the military, in many ways, relate to what I do in the systems group. We are figuring out where the potential failings might be in a process and trying to mitigate as many of them as possible.” 



The company continues to support veteran organizations like the Honor Flight Network, various 5Ks, and fundraising initiatives across the United States. Roeslein is honored to employ Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, National Guard, Navy, and Army Reserve veterans. While they are recognized today, we value their service always. 

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