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Starting this summer, Roeslein & Associates, Inc. will begin to offer Inductive Automation (IA) training in its United Kingdom and Shanghai offices for the Ignition software.

Ignition is a program that allows the user to see, control and analyze data for their process facility. Features include real-time status control, alarming, reporting, data acquisition and more.

The courses offered will include Inductive Automation’s week long course, Ignition Core, and will soon include a follow up three-day course on Ignition Advanced. Roeslein’s certified team of instructors received intensive training on how to teach the programs to prospective users.

“As a premier integrator for IA, this is a great opportunity for us to provide this training for our clients and other Ignition users worldwide,” said Roeslein’s Systems Manager JC Harrison. “We will use their provided classroom materials and be able to guide our attendees through the basics of the Ignition software while also providing ‘real world’ experiences based on our many years of using Ignition. We know first-hand how valuable the tools are and that they are a great fit among many industries.”

Roeslein will be the first to offer Ignition training courses in the United Kingdom and China. The Shanghai location will have the added benefit of verbal lessons translated from English by one of Roeslein’s experienced team members. Currently, the majority of Ignition training is offered in Inductive Automation’s Folsom, California location.

“We’ve been working with Ignition and Inductive Automation for more than eight years, and this step toward partnering to train others in the industry on this software is a natural progression,” said Harrison. “Both companies are experiencing dynamic growth globally, which stems from a common culture of placing the client first. It’s a great fit.”

Those interested in registering for Roeslein’s Ignition Core courses can register online at

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