by Roeslein Roeslein

Roeslein & Associates welcomes its largest class of interns into its 2018 internship program. These nineteen interns are spread throughout many departments and fields including: electrical engineering, manufacturing engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, construction, systems engineering, technology engineering, and purchasing.

Out of this year’s nineteen interns, five interned previously. Myra Bentley, a returning Electrical Engineering Intern commented, “I decided to intern with Roeslein again because of the hands on experience I get not only in electrical engineering but also in a professional setting. I’m learning how machines operate and get to see behind the scenes when it comes to can manufacturing. Everyone I’ve worked with at Roeslein has been helpful, nice, and pushed me to become a better engineer.”

Roeslein formalized its internship program just five years ago and has continued to see more success in it each year. Roeslein is proud to say that out of the 59 interns that have gone through its program, 17 of them were hired on full time, 14 of which are still at Roeslein currently.

Troy Korte, Construction Coordinator, reflected back on his most memorable experiences from his two years of interning. “The discussions I was able to have at our lunch n learns with external experts and Roeslein leaders left a lasting impression on me. I can’t think of a better introduction to a company than hearing its leaders tell stories on how it began and the sacrifices that each employee had to make along the way for it to grow to what it is now. The people, culture, and work I was able to do while interning were other major factors in my decision to continue with Roeslein after I graduated. No matter who you were or what position you held everyone is willing to help when you need a drawing, instructions, or just a little moral support.”

Throughout the 12 week program, Roeslein interns experience a hands-on working environment and partake in career building discussions and luncheons with members of Roeslein’s ownership group, directors, and project managers. In addition, Roeslein interns become CPR and First Aid certified, attend business etiquette training, organize a volunteering event, and present a final project to the board of directors, department managers, and intern mentors at the secession of the internship program.