by Roeslein Roeslein

Roeslein kicked off Employee-Ownership Month this year by launching a new Employee Recognition Program. This program provides a meaningful way to highlight employees’ achievements and milestones in the workplace. 

Every employee received a banner to display in their workspace along with a token celebrating their Roeslein location and any employment milestones they may have reached.  

“The Employee Recognition Program makes employees stand out by demonstrating the hard work and determination that we put in to make this growing business so amazing,” said Zach Stewart, co-champion of the Employee Recognition program.  

In the future, employees can expect to receive tokens of recognition for their various achievements throughout their time at Roeslein, such as Peer Appreciation, Mentorship, Advanced Degrees, Professional Certifications, Trade Milestones, Safety Credentials, Quality Achievements, and more! 

Hana Brown, the co-chair of the Continuous Education Committee, said, “There is something very meaningful about being recognized by your peers that makes you feel appreciated which brings a sense of pride and ownership to your work that makes you want to strive even harder. These recognition pins are a small but genuine symbol of appreciation, a tiny sincere token of our respect for one another”. 

The Roeslein Way enables employees to benefit others and challenge each other to make their communities a better place to work and live.