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Roeslein & Associates relocated its Shanghai, China operations to a new facility in the district of SongJiang, Shanghai.

Roeslein opened the Shanghai operations in 2011 with the purpose of supporting several can manufacturing facilities throughout Asia. Now, eight years later, Roeslein’s Shanghai operation is ISO 9001-2015 certified and has engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction (EPFC) capacity to take on the full scope of projects including can line integration and fabricating unitized systems, conveyance, line control, coolant filtration systems, ultraviolet bottom coaters, and customized process modules for various industries.

“We are proud of what our Shanghai location has accomplished and look forward to continuing to capitalize on our current opportunities and any new ones that arise,” stated Dr. Gangwei Wu, Vice President of Asia Operations.

The Shanghai location offers a fully staffed engineering office with the same prefabrication and preassembly approach to projects as its U.S. affiliate in Red Bud, Illinois. It is licensed to perform media blasting, spray painting and powder coating of large size steel structures up to 4m wide x 15m long x 3.5m high.

Shanghai’s staff is augmented with resources from its U.S. and U.K. offices to ensure the same level of quality control and operational standards that make Roeslein a proven leader in implementing projects globally.

Roeslein’s Shanghai location includes:

  • 7,965 Sq. Ft. (740 m2) of engineering and office space.
  • State of the art office equipment and furniture including office chairs, desks, computers, storage space, and much more.
  • 99,028 Sq. Ft. (9,500 m2) of assembly floor space.
  • A large isolated electrical shop dedicated to panel building and electrical parts storage.
  • Three 433 Ft. (132m) bays: Bay 1 includes two 10 ton overhead cranes and one 5 ton overhead crane; Bay 2 includes a 5 ton, 10 ton and 16 ton overhead crane; Bay 3 includes two 5 ton overhead cranes.







Roeslein Shanghai Address:

  • Roeslein & Associates Mechanical Engineering (ShangHai) Co. Ltd.
    Bldg1418 ChangTa Road, SongJiang District, Shanghai, China 201617