by Roeslein Roeslein

Roeslein & Associates is dedicated to training and developing the talent of both new and current employees. Roeslein believes in providing career paths and the resources needed so that employees can continue to grow with the company.  

Steve Figueroa, Vice President of Global Construction, believes that providing long-term career path opportunities strengthens Roeslein’s employee base. He said, “Being able to provide a career path for employees, regardless of the department, is very important. It only strengthens us as an organization moving forward because they already have prior knowledge of Roeslein’s processes and products. It shortens the learning curve compared to someone from outside the company.” 

Some examples of Roeslein’s commitment to talent development are the many team members who have stepped up from manufacturing to construction management and engineering positions, now leading site teams and managing multi-million dollar projects. 

Phil Sieberg and Doug Wedge started their careers with Roeslein at the Red Bud, Illinois, manufacturing facility, where they worked in the pipe welding department. After gaining first-hand knowledge of Roeslein’s products on the shop floor, they transitioned to field positions based out of Roeslein’s St. Louis office.  

Matt Worley, Construction Superintendent I, also started with Roeslein at the Red Bud manufacturing facility, specializing in structural steel fabrication. In 2016, all three men transferred to Construction Specialist roles at Roeslein’s St. Louis office. Because they have in-depth experience crafting the product delivered to the customer, they can pick up on any potential problems and mitigate them during installation.  

“By applying their craft from the shop floor and taking it to the field, these guys can use their insight to head off potential issues that could have cost time and money during the installation process,” said Director of Construction – Americas, Eric Valin. “Through exposure and understanding the ins and outs of the products and processes, these guys have risen to where they are today.” 

These men are just a few examples of the many who have transitioned from manufacturing shop floor to construction management. Through Roeslein’s commitment to talent development, employees are given the opportunity to grow with the company, creating a strong employee base that thrives on continuous improvement. 

Roeslein & Associates was founded in 1990 and is a turnkey solution provider with over 30 years of industry-leading experience, starting in the canmaking sector and expanding its footprint through the oil & gas and renewable energy markets. With over 650 million in annual revenue, Roeslein is regionally situated to provide a prefabricated and preassembled project approach for any industry. Its 1300+ employees are spread across North America, Europe, and Asia. To find out more, please visit