by Roeslein Roeslein

Roeslein & Associates is proud to announce its Chairman & CEO, Rudi Roeslein, received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Latamcan conference this fall. This award honors those who have made an extraordinary contribution to the canmaking industry as selected by their peers.

“Rudi has instilled one of the core values in Roeslein ‘that we are not done with a project until the customer says we are done.’ As all of us at Roeslein know, this created a dedicated passion for satisfying the customer,” Vice Chairman Dave May said. “The culture has led to a group of dedicated Roeslein ESOP owners which created a teamwork with the client, Roeslein, other OEM’s and contractors.”

Rudi Roeslein believes in the foundations of mentoring leaders through growing pains and rewarding employees who help you meet goals. “I try to remain humbled by the knowledge the business we’ve built was successful because of the customers who trusted our word and our ethos that we are never satisfied until the customer is satisfied,” said Rudi. “It’s something my father taught me, to always try to deliver a little more than people expect and push yourself to achieve things that other people believed impossible.”

Rudi’s career began in the engineering department at Container Corporation of America where he first witnessed the potential of modular concepts. It was during his time with Guarantee Electric’s GISMO division that he rose to the rank of Executive Vice President before moving forward with his own company, Roeslein & Associates, Inc. and eventually founding Roeslein Alternative Energy (RAE). He earned an electrical engineering degree from St. Louis University and was a member of the NCAA Division 1 championship soccer team. Rudi suggests his success comes from what he learned in athletic competition along with following his company’s simple, but powerful ethos: Be Happy, Remain Humble, Stay Hungry.

Ron Ragan, Director of Business Development stated, “Looking back at the past 40 years, numerous vice presidents, presidents and CEOs have passed through the global can industry. As a single individual with a passion and a never give up attitude, Rudi has created a cultural experience that has become a common thread throughout our entire industry.”

Roeslein & Associates was founded in 1990, specializing in engineering, manufacturing, and construction services. The company has product offerings in both the container manufacturing industry and the process and energy sectors. Its 1000+ employees are spread throughout offices in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. To find out more, please visit