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Published by The Canmaker

Leading project integrator in the beverage can business, Roeslein & Associates has launched a system that controls the temperatures of inks on D&I can decorators. The Decorator Cooling System provides decentralised control for the temperature of the decorator’s inkers, gearbox, and the overvarnish tank.

It maintains temperature control by means of a pump, chiller, a system of control valves, and a heater. It is said to utilise the latest technology for integrated pump and valve control and is comprised entirely of non-ferrous materials for the best corrosion resistance.

“We have years of experience in the integration and operation of numerous systems from the most simple to the most complex and have developed a system that addresses the issues and limitations with both ends of the spectrum,” said Paul Luebke, director of engineering for Roeslein & Associates.

“We have developed a system that minimises complexity, maximises flexibility, and utilises the latest control valve and pump technology.”

Roeslein has also started focusing on its line control and data management systems which are comprised of both hardware and software. The hardware typically includes programmable logic controllers, control panels, computers, and other electrical hardware for the control of a facility’s production lines.

Specific to the container manufacturing industry, Roeslein develops its own software for controlling production lines, and has developed an information and data collection system for obtaining, monitoring, and reporting pertinent operation data.