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Roeslein & Associates recently purchased and installed a Watts-Mueller CNC Computer Controlled W-244 Pipe Cutting Machine at its fabrication facility in Red Bud, IL. This pipe cutting machine is part of Roeslein’s recent $2 million investment in automated machinery and systems with the goal of increasing Roeslein’s fabrication efficiency and furthering its push for lean processes.

Roeslein can now process pipe spools faster, reduce subsequent weld prep time, eliminate manual operations and reworks, eliminate layouts, reduce machine programming, decrease handling time, and optimize flow to subsequent processes.

Roeslein’s Piping Department Coordinator, Eric Robertson added, “the powered loading and unloading conveyance system greatly helps material flow into the shop making it much faster, smoother, and safer for Roeslein’s operators. There is less waste due to the built in material nesting features, and the ease of programming different cuts into the machine has greatly improved the accuracy of cutting bevelled ends and holes into the pipe.”

The W-244 Computer-controlled pipe cutting machine conveys and rotates pipe from 2″ to 24″ OD with a 20′-50′ machine bed capable of supporting 500 lbs. per foot to a maximum of 20,000 lbs. It has a 6-axis profiling carriage and capability to cut and bevel pipe in almost any configuration.

In August of 2017, Roeslein installed and began production on its Bystronic Fiber Laser Cutting Table, and in October, it installed a Voortman V808 Thermal Cutting Machine. The Fiber Laser Cutting Table allows additional plate work to be completed in-house rather than outsourced, therefore giving Roeslein more control of its quality and schedule, while the Voortman V808 allows enormous freedom to design and produce structures with the most complex connections and copes, while also significantly increasing production speed.

Roeslein & Associates was founded in 1990, specializing in engineering, modular fabrication and construction services. The company has product offerings in a variety of industries including canmaking, oil and gas, industrial manufacturing, power, chemical processing, and alternative energy. With over 600+ employees spread throughout offices in St. Louis, MO (HQ); Red Bud, IL; Denver, CO; Hollister, CA; Northampton, UK; and Shanghai, China, Roeslein has grown to have annual revenues over $200 million. To find out more, please visit