by Roeslein Roeslein

Roeslein & Associates is bringing new technology to market by transforming its proprietary Ultra Violet Bottom Coating System (UVBC) with a reliable, sustainable, and proven UV LED curing and control system update.

As an alternative to microwave and arc lamp technology, the UV LED technology leads to increased reliability and efficiency, lower power consumption, and an increased 70,000+ hour lamp life. The UV lamp and power supplies are smaller, lighter, less expensive, and provide better availability for purchase. With regard to coatings, a new coating has been implemented for LED curing and vetted by a third party for validation.

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This reliable unit has increased uptime and speed, simplified operation, and higher UV output than a traditional microwave system. As an added benefit, the UV LED technology will not interfere with wireless networks, allowing machines and systems in close proximity to operate without interruption.

Sustainability was a major focus of Roeslein’s as it developed this new technology. Customers continue to hold suppliers accountable for aiding with their environmental and corporate social responsibility goals, and Roeslein designed this unit with the customer in mind. The new UV LED can be retrofitted into any existing operation to deliver improved safety measures, provide energy and noise conservation, reduced defects for less waste, and emits no ozone production. Additionally, this new system has the ability for instant power, no warm-up time is needed, and lamps turn off automatically when the system is not needed. Converging rails are adjustable for easy height adjustments to correlate with can size changes; a new electrical enclosure has been added for easy access, and with fewer parts needed, those that are required have an increased lifespan.

Rendering of new UV LED model

Roeslein & Associates has tested this technology in several greenfield and existing facilities to bring it to market with over 30,000 in-production hours. This innovative unit will reduce the total cost of ownership compared to previous models of the UVBC and provide a return on investment in less than one year from installation and start-up.

Those interested in upgrading models currently in production will be excited to learn that this new model is developed to be a slide-in retrofit for a quick installation with additional slide-in lamps for quick service updates. To learn more about the groundbreaking UV LED Technology, visit  or contact