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Ultra violet bottom coating (UVBC) is becoming increasingly popular in today’s modern D&I canmaking processes as its benefits for plant efficiency and productivity become more widely known. Always motivated by innovation and improvement, Roeslein & Associates designs and fabricates a UVBC system component which provides all of these benefits in an integrated module that also improves plant safety.

Ultra violet bottom coating adds superior film protection to each can’s bottom rim surface, resulting in reduced aluminum oxidation and more efficient can transfer to conveyors, transfer plates, and machine infeeds. Roeslein began offering UVBC technology to its clients in 2001 and is the only company to build UVBC systems as self-contained modules that can be easily integrated in new or existing can lines.  Situated before basecoating and decorating in the can production line, Roeslein’s UVBC systems are equipped with either a two-roller drip-bar applicator or a graveur. Unlike conventional thermal-cured processes, which result in a bottom film thickness of 7-9 microns with 35% solids, the UVBC process achieves 2-5 microns of dry film thickness with 100% solids. Using only solids provides uniform rim coverage, which results in up to 10-15% material savings.  It also improves adhesion, ensures greater mobility, and provides excellent corrosion resistance.

The advantages of UVBCs are most dramatically demonstrated at the decorator.  Roeslein’s UVBC systems have been shown to increase throughput up to 5% at the decorator, which can mean up to 100 more cans per minute through the line.  Our standard 36-inch wide unit processes up to 4,400 cans per minute. Increased speed and fewer jams generate a significant increase in output, adding up to dramatically improved line efficiency.

In general, UVBC systems enhance safety with zero VOCs, fewer jams, and highly reliable operation.  In particular, Roeslein’s long experience with UVBC technology means that the robust safety features and interlocks we build into its UVBC systems deliver improved fire and accident safety in controlling the intense heat and light generated by UV light chambers. Like all Roeslein modules, its UVBCs are fabricated and pre-tested at Roeslein’s fabrication facilities prior to shipment and installation. Because its engineers and construction teams troubleshoot and integrate every unit while drawing on over a decade of experience, its clients’ facilities avoid pitfalls that can cause dangerous and costly incidents or accidents.

As Roeslein continues to value and implement innovation, it proudly serves its clients using the most modern industry improvements within its unique Modularized, Unitized, and Preassembled approach. To date, 35 of its UVBC systems have been integrated in canmaking facilities worldwide, providing benefits in efficiency, safety, and profitability.