Roeslein has project experience in many key renewable sectors, including biomass, biofuels, and energy generation from waste. Working with sister company Roeslein Alternative Energy on a variety of projects, it is able to offer sustainable and integrated bio-energy solutions through an established alliance of leading integrated energy and environmental firms. When it comes to project development for the renewable energy market, Roeslein understands that top-of-the-line technology and implementation strategies are essential. Therefore, the design and implementation stages emphasize maximizing modularization and preassembly through its global fabrication facilities and minimizing field constraints such as safety, manpower availability, risk mitigation, and weather. Modules are built to scope, preassembled, tested, and must pass a quality assurance check prior to shipping. Once ready to be delivered, units can be shipped via truck, rail, or sea utilizing Roeslein’s modular approach. From there, the companies offer field services to assist with installation, commissioning, start-up, and ongoing education for its customers.

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