by Roeslein Roeslein

Roeslein & Associates announces the acquisition of MCS Technology.

On October 1st, 2018, Roeslein & Associates completed the acquisition of MCS Technology, a fabrication and construction firm, located in Dębno, Poland. MCS was founded in 2015 by Jerzy Sroka and Tomasz Czechowski and works with some of the industry’s largest clients. Roeslein has been utilizing the services of MCS for several years on a variety of projects in the container manufacturing, packaging distribution, and petrochemical industries.

Following the acquisition, MCS Technology will be renamed Roeslein & Associates Poland, LLC; also doing business as Roeslein Poland. All 60 of MCS Technology’s employees will become Roeslein employees and will continue all fabrication and construction operations. Former owners Jerzy and Tomasz will take on leadership roles for Roeslein Poland. Jerzy Sroka will become Roeslein’s Operations Director of Poland and Tomasz Czechowski will become Piping Supervisor/Specialist. Both will report directly to Charles J. Reneski, P.E., Divisional President of Construction & Operational Services with manufacturing teams reporting to Rob Campbell, Divisional President of Manufacturing.

“The acquisition of MCS Technology fits perfectly into Roeslein’s strategic vision to establish Roeslein as a global leader in providing full-service Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, and Construction (EPFC) services,” said Rob Campbell, Divisional President of Manufacturing. He continued by stating, “MCS’s experience and unique skill set will allow Roeslein to better serve its regional clients in the European market and further expand its client outreach.”

Roeslein Poland is part of the company’s ongoing regional expansion. “Roeslein’s expansion is aimed at allowing us to better serve our clients in the North American, Asian/Middle Eastern, European, and Central/South American markets. By launching regional divisions, we will be able to provide more accessibility to our resources, more efficiently control production schedules and reduce overall project costs, while allowing for additional monitoring of on-site safety,” said Charles J. Reneski, P.E., Divisional President of Construction and Operational Services for Roeslein & Associates. This new multi-level structure will apply to Roeslein’s Construction, Manufacturing, Operational Services, Systems Engineering, and Lifecycle Support divisions.

This acquisition is the second acquisition Roeslein has performed this year. In January 2018, Roeslein announced the acquisition of Pride Conveyance Systems, of Hollister, California, USA.