by Roeslein Roeslein

Experienced Team Poised to Bridge Knowledge Gap and Support Can Makers Across the Globe

Roeslein & Associates, Inc., a global leader in industrial engineering, modular fabrication, and construction services, today announced a significant expansion of its operational services for the can manufacturing industry. This strategic move addresses a critical industry need for experienced, hands-on operational support in the wake of recent industry retirements and a projected surge in can making across the globe.

“The can making industry is experiencing a knowledge gap due to recent retirements,” said JC Harrison, Partner and Vice President of Systems and Operational Services at Roeslein & Associates ( “We’re not just filling positions; we’re building a team of passionate experts who can provide in-person training and comprehensive operational support to can makers of all sizes.”

The Power of In-Person Training

Roeslein recognizes the vital role of in-person training in can plant operations. With approximately 13 different equipment centers, additional ancillary systems, connectivity components, and communication factors, a typical can plant is a complex system. Roeslein’s team believes shoulder-to-shoulder learning delivers superior value to customers, by imparting lasting knowledge that would not be possible from training manuals.

“This generation thrives on hands-on experience; they want your hand next to their hand as they’re doing the work,” said Harrison. “Our team can provide the in-person mentorship that’s crucial for success in can making. It’s not just about following a manual; it’s about understanding the nuances and complexities of the entire process.”

Experienced Leadership for a Growing Industry

Robb Williams, Director of Operational Services

Roeslein has bolstered its operational services team with strategic hires, including Robb Williams as Director of Operational Services and Jeremy Vigil as Field Commissioning Manager. Together, they bring nearly 60 years of experience to the table, encompassing can-making operations, leadership, and a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by can plants.

“We’re excited to offer a comprehensive approach that goes beyond equipment expertise,” said Williams. “Our team provides support across all aspects of a can plant, from greenfield startups and operator training to ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting.”

Aluminum Cans: A Sustainable Future

The expansion of Roeslein operational services comes at a pivotal time for the can making industry. Aluminum cans remain the most sustainable container option, boasting superior recyclability and shelf life. This advantage, coupled with increasing consumer demand for eco-friendly packaging, is expected to drive significant growth in the can making sector, potentially in emerging markets.

“There’s a lot of tribal knowledge in this industry that’s at risk of being lost,” said Vigil “We’re passionate about bridging that gap and transferring knowledge to the next generation.”

Jeremy Vigil, Field Commissioning Manager

A Holistic Approach to Can Plant Success

Roeslein’s operational services team offers a unique advantage to can makers. Their holistic understanding of the entire can making process allows them to provide comprehensive support in areas including:

  • Startup and commissioning assistance
  • In-person operator training on all aspects of can making
  • Troubleshooting and problem-solving for efficient operations
  • Ongoing maintenance and technical support

“We can help can makers improve their volumes, efficiency, and decrease spoilage,” said Williams. “Our team also provides training on the entire can making process, not just individual pieces of equipment.”

By combining experienced leadership, a focus on in-person training, and a global reach, Roeslein & Associates is poised to become a trusted partner for can makers navigating the future of the industry.