by Roeslein Roeslein

Roeslein & Associates is proud to have been listed #10 on the list of Top 100 Best-Selling Ignition Integrators by Inductive Automation. This list is ranked based upon total sales of Ignition for 2021.   

Roeslein’s Systems Engineering group is one of the first premier integrators that isn’t solely a data management company. Roeslein integrates the Ignition SCADA into the company’s conveyance and line control systems, allowing can-plant managers to see productivity and/or problem areas at a high level. Managers can then pinpoint exactly where changes can be implemented for improvements and increased revenue.  

Roy Westwood, Systems Engineering Manager at Roeslein & Associates, explained how the Ignition system has been crucial throughout the pandemic. “Being able to access critical business data remotely has been very useful the past couple of years. To better serve our customers working remotely or from home, we continue to roll out the Ignition platform. Our solutions have been improved with the Ignition perspective module which enables ignition data to be accessed easily and securely from a mobile phone or tablet.”  

This accomplishment marks Roeslein’s third consecutive year in the Top 10 of Inductive Automation’s list. In 2019, Roeslein enrolled in the Enterprise Level Integrator Program by Inductive Automation by showing proven commitment to Inductive Automation and the Ignition Platform while being a global software integration company capable of executive simultaneous large-scale projects in multiple languages. Although Roeslein primarily uses Ignition Integration in the can manufacturing industry, JC Harrison, Director of Systems Engineering, has also used the practice to help Fortune 500 companies.  

To accommodate its growing workload, Roeslein is currently hiring across its global offices. To apply or view current openings, visit the website at 

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