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On October 1, Roeslein & Associates, Inc. celebrated the three-year acquisition anniversary of MCS Technology in Debno, Poland. Since the acquisition, the Poland office has expanded from 18 full-time employees to more than 100 and increased its footprint to more than 10,000-square-meters.  

Roeslein and MCS Technology have a shared history of successful collaboration on projects in the container manufacturing, packaging distribution, and petrochemical industries. The acquisition fits into Roeslein’s strategic vision to establish Roeslein as a global leader while better serving its regional clients in the European market. It has assisted in reducing overall project costs, monitoring of on-site safety, and providing more accessibility to resources. 

Roeslein Poland Building

Michal Druzkowski, Project Manager at Roeslein Poland, states, “I was lucky enough to be able to observe and participate from the very beginning in the creation and development of Roeslein Poland. We constantly want to learn and grow to prepare for new challenges. At the beginning of this year, we purchased additional automated equipment, which allowed us to become independent from the existing service providers. Thanks to this, we can react faster, shorten the time and supply chain, while maintaining an even better quality of our products.”  

The facility is currently improving operating procedures and creating a quality control department to operate more efficiently. Roeslein Poland’s Engineering and Design department currently holds five design engineers who are undergoing training to supplement design requirements departments for Roeslein’s nine global office locations. For long-term planning and growth, Roeslein Poland organizes professional internships within its departments. Druzkowski said, “We look forward to our interns completing their formal education and joining our team!” 

In response to the unprecedented rise in demand in the aluminum can industry, Roeslein Poland will soon be expanding its manufacturing area by approximately 7,000-square-meters, bringing the total manufacturing area to over 10,000-square-meters.  In addition, investments are planned to further automate its manufacturing process in 2022. Roeslein Poland expects to add some 30 additional skilled and professional service resources to its staff over the next 18 months. 

Roeslein Poland continues the One Roeslein culture by focusing on career development, improving qualifications, conducting first aid training, and covering education costs. Roeslein Poland is active in the community, engaging in sports initiatives for the youth, supporting local school programs, implementing environmental stewardship initiatives such as recycling, reducing waste and consumables, and eliminating the use of plastic beverage containers. 

Roeslein’s other manufacturing facilities located in Red Bud, Illinois; Hollister, California; Michigan City, Indiana; Shanghai, China; and São Paulo, Brazil are also experiencing high demand and have expansion plans in place.  

Roeslein & Associates was founded in 1990, specializing in engineering, modular fabrication, and construction services. The company has product offerings in both the container manufacturing industry and the process and energy sectors with annual revenues over $630 million. Its 1000+ employees are spread throughout offices in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. To find out more, please visit