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Roeslein’s new Products group took LEAN manufacturing methods to the shop floor in September at their first group tagging event in Red Bud, IL. Employees on the shop floor, across all disciplines, focused on product innovation and continuous improvement. They were given blue and white tags, white being high-priority, and asked to tag areas for value stream improvement. 

Focusing on Roeslein’s coolant filtration system, the team spent 30 to 45 minutes identifying opportunities based on internal and external feedback that they had received. The event allowed employees from multiple disciplines to collaborate and share ideas on how Roeslein can improve products and processes.  

Organized by Chris Hutson, Director of Products & Lifecycle Services, this LEAN tagging event is just one of Roeslein’s many efforts to take a structured approach toward product development. He said, “This allowed us to capture feedback from the people who build the products and have years of experience with this equipment. We listened to their ideas on improving design for manufacturability and streamlining our products. Our design and field teams, who spend their time with the customer during installation and start-up, all collaborated to agree on priorities.”   

This event was one of many that the company’s newly chartered Products group will hold to focus on continually improving Roeslein’s current featured products. Roeslein has many leading production and support equipment products, such as the Ultra-Violet Bottom Coater, Coolant Filtration System, and Decorator Cooling System 

The Roeslein Products group is led by the new Vice President of Products and Operational Services, JC Harrison, and Director of Products and Lifecycle Services, Chris Hutson. Roeslein has also promoted two new Product Managers, Charles Mohs and Steve Boing, to lead the product development and innovation efforts.  

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