by Roeslein Roeslein

Roeslein is proud to announce that their Systems Engineering team placed first in Inductive Automation’s 2022 Build-a-Thon.  

This year Inductive Automation hosted a Build-a-Thon competition over several months where teams completed a series of challenges building Ignition projects and testing their technical prowess. The top two integrators competed in person at the 2022 Ignition Community Conference held at Inductive Automation’s headquarters. We proudly announce that Roeslein won a very close competition, demonstrating that Roeslein’s Ignition Integration is top tier.

“Building a full Ignition project from scratch in 16 hours over two days was a fun and complex challenge,” said Systems Engineer Phillip Bourner. “We were perfectly suited for success with each team member using their strengths to finish different project sections (Mitchell Leefers on visualization, Scott Cushman on database functionality, and myself on the process control). We also had other Roeslein ICC attendees who worked the crowd on our behalf. Our opponents put up a good fight, but in the end, we came out ahead by 3 votes.” 

Roeslein & Associates is proud to be named one of the Top Selling Ignition Integrators by Inductive Automation. The company’s Systems Engineering group is one of the first premier integrators that isn’t solely a data management company. Roeslein integrates the Ignition SCADA into the company’s conveyance and line control systems, allowing plant managers to see productivity and problem areas at a high level. Managers can then pinpoint where changes can be implemented for improvements and increased revenue. 

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