Roeslein: A Culture of Ownership

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Employee-ownership is so much more than being a part of the Roeslein Employee Stock Ownership Program. It means taking ownership of our project, our daily decisions, and how our work affects our fellow employees. It is knowing that the decisions that you make every day matter in our future success and caring enough to be thoughtful in your approach to those decisions.

Culture of Ownership:

– Being invested in the success of the company

– Securing our collective financial future

– Being accountable to your fellow coworkers

– Striving toward Operation Excellence

– Embracing our Vision, Values & Ethos

One Roeslein

In the summer of 2019, we introduced the concept of ‘One Roeslein’ as a way to capture the spirit of unity across our seven global office locations. Roeslein as a company is growing fast, with over 900 worldwide employees and a record-setting backlog of work coming in the next few years. In order to sustain this growth and help our company realize its potential, we need to work together as a team to embody the One Roeslein Message:

Unified Vision

Our vision is to become a full-service Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, and Construction (EPFC) company serving the container manufacturing, industrial manufacturing, and renewable energy industries on a global scale.

Common Values

We hold certain values close to our hearts as Roeslein employees. If we don’t perform on one value, then all others suffer. We have to work as a team to achieve continued success.

Shared Ethos

Remain Humble, Stay Hungry, Be Happy – If we adopt the principles of this ethos, we will not just succeed, we will thrive, and it will enable us to successfully implement our strategic vision.

Spirit of Collaboration

In order to fulfill the vision that drives our company, it is vital that all offices work together in unity toward this common goal. It is this teamwork that affords us the status of industry leaders and affords us the substantial company growth and success that we’ve enjoyed these past ten years.

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Work Hard Play Hard

At Roeslein & Associates, employee-owners participate in fun, culture-building events all throughout the year.

Each October, Roeslein honors employee-owners across the United States with fun events and treats for ESOP (Employee-Stock Ownership Plan) Month.

Employees at all locations across the world enjoy annual holiday celebrations.

In Red Bud, employee-owners frequently participate in luncheons honoring safety achievements as well as joining in the Red Bud High School Homecoming Parade.

Employee-Owners from Red Bud and St. Louis gather together in October for a family company picnic.

Hollister employee-owners enjoy an annual Dinner to Reno weekend event.

Ready to join the Roeslein team?

At Roeslein & Associates, we are firm believers that our people are the key to our success. We take pride in recruiting the best talent available for every facet of our business. Please take a look at our current openings.