Lifecycle Retrofit Catalog

Roeslein knows the importance of evaluating equipment for obsolete parts and works to ensure its clients stock the correct quantities and compatible replacements that adhere to updated energy efficiency and safety standards. Have a question or need assistance with finding the right part? Contact Roeslein’s Lifecycle Support team

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Document NumberDocument TypeName
RA67002-RKRetrofit Kit (RK)UVBC Transfer Conveyor Belt Upgrade
RA67003-RKRetrofit Kit (RK)Unit Section Column Protectors
RA67006-RKRetrofit Kit (RK)Jam Breaker Assembly Upgrade
RA67007-RKRetrofit Kit (RK)Adjustable Candy Cane Rail Retrofit
RA67013-RKRetrofit Kit (RK)UVBC Complete Overhaul Module
RA67002-RPRetrofit Project (RP)PLC-5 to ControlLogix 'Fast' Migration
RA67004-RPRetrofit Project (RP)CompactLogix PLC Retrofit
RA67005-RPRetrofit Project (RP)Panelview Plus PV7 Retrofit
RA67006-RPRetrofit Project (RP)ControlLogix PLC Retrofit
RA67007-RPRetrofit Project (RP)Powerflex 520 Upgrade
RA67008-RPRetrofit Project (RP)Powerflex 750 Upgrade
RA67009-RPRetrofit Project (RP)SOF Blowdown Addition
RA670010-RPRetrofit Project (RP)Horizontal Air Doubling Box