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Servtech Inc. /// A Roeslein Company is a vertically integrated custom manufacturer of mission-critical industrial equipment. We have a wide range of experience and skills in the design and manufacture of:

  • Power Distribution Centers (E-Houses) (Oil, Gas, Water)
  • LACT Stations, Custody Transfer Metering
  • Prefabricated Pump Stations
  • Instrument Air Stations
  • Custom Electrical and Motor Controls & Panels
  • UL Listed PLC Panels, SCADA and Telemetry Systems
  • Mission Critical (PDCs & Edge Data Centers)

The strength of Servtech is its ability to provide and complete projects from skid design, buildings, pipe fabrication and welding, pumps, motors, instruments, conduits/cabling, electrical motor controllers, logic control panels, programming, and on-site commissioning and service. Servtech’s goal is to provide clients with a detailed fit for their individual project specific requirements while also providing the best value, quality, and reliability possible. The end result is one-stop warranty and system responsibility, reducing the number of vendors that clients have to engage, and reducing  overall costs, all the while providing more prompt and expert service.

Servtech operations are based out of a 100,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art,  custom manufacturing facility in Louisville, Colorado.

Offering the design and manufacture of prefabricated pump and metering stations and custom electrical equipment that offers clients the following benefits:

  • Complete turnkey packaging to provide true plug and play Power Distribution Centers, Pump and/or Metering Stations that include the structural skid, building, pumps, motors, switchgear, transformers, motor controls, logic controls, instrumentation, piping, valves, conduits, cabling, PLC logic programming, HMI monitoring, all completely assembled and factory tested.
  • Quality Assurance and Control, built in a controlled environment and tested before shipment.
  • Reduced on-site installation labor and time, reducing overall costs, especially in difficult remote areas.

Power Distribution Centers (E-Houses)

  • 200 Volt to 35,000 Volts
  • Self Contained Skids & Buildings
  • Switchgear, VFDs, MCCs, PLCs, UPS
  • Design, Manufacture, and Factory Testing

LACT Stations, Custody Transfer Metering

  • Custom Design to fit Specific Client & Site Requirements
  • Multiple Pump Technologies
  • Metering Accuracy, Flow Computers
  • Truck Off-Loading, Transfer LACTs, Permanent LACTs

Prefabricated Pump Stations

  • All complete with Electrical and Control Equipment
  • Turn-Key, True Plug and Play
  • Oil Booster Pipeline Pump Skids, Buildings
  • NGL and LNG Pump Skids, Complete
  • Water Supply Pump Facilities

Instrument Air Stations

Packages can be equipped with:

  • 100% redundant compressors and air-drying systems for mission critical applications
  • Rotary screw or reciprocating
  • Variable speed and site power distribution
  • Gas, fire, cooling, and heating systems
  • Communications and monitoring
  • Local building authority certifications

Custom Engineered UL Listed Electrical Panels

  • Variable Frequency Drives, ABB, Yaskawa
  • Programmable Logic Controllers, Allen Bradley, Schneider
  • Custom Packaging to handle: Heat, Cold, Dust, Altitude
  • Custom Enclosure Design and Manufacture

Injection Pump Stations

  • Turnkey package that is mounted on a structural skid
  • Housed in a climate-controlled building
  • Complete with Pumps, Piping, Valves, Motors, Instrumentation, Electrical and Control System
  • Cost-effective, reliable, and ready for site connection

Servtech Operational Services

Bringing Expertise Wherever You Need It

Factory-trained technicians perform commissioning, field service, and field repairs for all Servtech products and equipment, including:

  • Pumps: Centrifugal, Gear, Multi-stage
  • Motors: Induction, Horizontal, Vertical
  • Variable Frequency Drives:   Low Voltage (240 to 600 VAC), Medium Voltage (2,300 to 6,000 VAC)
  • PLC Controllers:   Allen Bradley, Schneider
  • Flowmeters, Pressure Transmitters, Level Transmitters: Micro Motion, Rosemount

Servtech Field Service Tools and Equipment:

  • Crane Service Trucks with complete hand tooling
  • Pump/Motor Shaft Laser Alignment Tools
  • Portable Generator, Welding
  • Laptop Computers, Diagnostic Software
  • True RMS Multimeters, Voltage/Amperage/Frequency Diagnostic
  • Power Quality Meter, Harmonic Measurement/Studies

Additional Products

  • Vertical Turbine Pump Stations
  • Crude Oil Pump Stations
  • Meter Stations/Buildings
  • Compact Instrument Air Packages                                                              

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