A production line is only as efficient as it’s lowest volume component. Roeslein helps you monitor your plant production by providing key operating data at your fingertips with its convenient, easy to read, multi-platform program NowFlection.

With NowFlection, plant operating staff can check into their plants production from the main office, at home, on business trips or anywhere in between. Roeslein’s state of the art program is powerful enough to provide real-time information on multiple plants around the world and detailed enough to provide accurate production information on any piece of equipment.

Individual Machine Status

Real-Time Report Generation

Live 24-Hour Monitoring

NowFlection Packages

ServicesLine AwarenessData ManagementLine Balancing
Plant Floor Animation
Production Reports
Mobile Access
Root Cause Analysis--
Advanced Reports--
Plant Replay--
Line Balancing--

NowFlection Features

  • Unlimited Clients, Tags and Designers
  • 24-hour monitoring with ‘real-time’ production line information
  • View on multiple platforms – Plant floor monitors, desktops, cellphones, or tablets
  • Receive daily reports

Line Visualization

  • Real-time production numbers displayed on screens throughout the plant
  • Motor and sensor status
  • Machine status and speed
  • Day and shift production numbers
  • Historical trending screens

NowFlection Reporting

  • Machine Performance Reports listing KPI’s and detailed Run and
  • Downtime percentages
  • Downtime reports listing exact time and duration of all stops
  • Daily email of selected production reports
  • Spoilage
  • OEE

Plant Replay

Plant replay allows users to choose any screen and replay exactly what was happening at any given time, with the ability to replay the whole visualization system from days, weeks, or even months.

Line Balancing

Provides the necessary information to assist with balancing the line and machines for maximum line optimization.

To learn more about Data Management with NowFlection, please talk to a Roeslein representative today.