Innovative UV LED Technology
A Sustainable Solution

The Roeslein & Associates Ultraviolet Bottom Coating System has been improved with a UV LED curing and control system upgrade.

As an alternative to microwave and arc lamp technology, UV LED technology leads to increased reliability/efficiency, lower power consumption, and an increased 70,000+ hour lamp life.

As an added benefit, the UV LED technology will not interfere with wireless networks, allowing machines and systems in close proximity to operate without interruption.


  • Increased Uptime & Speed
  • Simplified Operation
  • Fewer/Longer-Lasting Parts
  • Instant On = No Warm-Up Time
  • Very Stable Power System


  • Improved Safety
  • Energy & Noise Conservation
  • No Ozone Production
  • Reduced Defects
  • Fewer Failed Parts in the Waste Stream


  • Over 7.7 Billion Cans Produced
  • Over 40,000 In-Production Hours
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Slide-In Retrofit = Quick Install
  • ROI Tool – Avg. < 1 Year Payback
UVBC System with UV LED technology
Quick Install of UV LED Technology
UV LED Technology verifying a complete UV bottom coating on aluminum cans

NEW! Bottom Coater Spill Containment & Drain System

Roeslein offers a spill containment drain for your operators to conveniently dispose of leftover lacquer and cleaning liquids.

For more information, contact a Roeslein representative today!

UVBC System

Roeslein Ultraviolet Bottom Coating (UVBC) is a mass bottom coating and ultraviolet curing system used in the D&I can manufacturing process. The UVBC system applies a more wear-resistant coating, that provides superior protection to the bottom rim surface, resulting in the reduction of aluminum oxide formation, optimizing transfer to can conveyors, transfer plates, and machine infeeds. Other bottom coatings are typically applied after Basecoating or Decorating with a thermal-cured process in a single lane bottom coater. Roeslein’s standard unit will process over 6,000 cans per minute and is unique with industry-leading LED rim coat curing systems.

Typically, D&I can manufacturers install the UV Bottom Coating System immediately after the washer. One of the key differences between Thermal-cured and UV cured bottom coating materials is a thicker, more uniform coverage.

  • Superior control of film weight
  • Provides uniform coverage resulting in 10-15% material savings
  • Improved adhesion, greater mobility and excellent corrosion resistance the UV cured application offers dry film thickness of 7-9 microns with 100% solids, compared to 1-2 microns with 35% solids with thermal cured application

To learn more about the new UV LED Technology for UVBCs, please talk to a Roeslein representative today.