Tunnel Track beverage can conveyors

Tunnel Track conveyors are designed for single-lane transportation of empty cylindrical products and are ideally suited as beverage can conveyors for aluminum or steel cans. Products are moved easily and efficiently in single file at the high speeds demanded by current production standards. With no moving parts other than the blower assembly, Tunnel Track beverage conveyor systems from Sager offer high speeds with minimal risk of product damage caused by friction, collision, and dragging. Designed for height and diameter changes, Tunnel Track can accommodate various applications, including machine infeeds and discharges. Because of its ability to deliver high speeds, reduced risk, and efficient product movement, Tunnel Track conveyor systems are the standard for beverage can manufacturers around the world.

Tunnel Track features

  • Patented Tunnel Track design offers maximum control and reliability
  • Painted or stainless steel construction plenum with stainless steel jetplates
  • High speed conveyance of empty 2 or 3 piece steel and aluminum cans and plastic containers
  • Fixed design for single container size or adjustable design for multiple container sizes
  • Minimal moving parts for low maintenance and downtime
  • Name-brand, high efficiency, industry standard blowers