by Roeslein Roeslein

A major player in the D&I canmaking industry, Pride Conveyance Systems: A Roeslein Company has led innovation in the can making business for nearly 30 years. With the 2018 acquisition of Pride by Roeslein & Associates, Inc., the conveyance company’s global footprint has been expanded to include conveyance capabilities at four world-class fabrication facilities:

Pride Conveyance Systems (Hollister, CA USA): All cup and can handling products

Roeslein Modular Fabrication (Red Bud, IL USA): Mechanical, mass vacuum, and mass air systems

Roeslein Poland (Dębno, Poland): Mechanical, mass vacuum, and mass air systems

Roeslein Asia (Shanghai, China): Mechanical, mass and single file vacuum, and mass air systems

Aside from its ever-growing fabrication capabilities, Pride is also backed by a robust team of technical and client support services across its global footprint. The company boasts dedicated project managers, engineers, safety personnel, inventory managers, and full-time customer service management. This full-service team ensures that all conveyance projects are met with best-in-the-industry talent and conveyance experience.

A Pride Conveyance Systems Bi-Directional Spiral Conveyance system with 50,000 can capacity for 211 dia. cans

Quality in conveyance is at the top of mind for Pride as the company performs ongoing quality assessments across all fabrication facilities; which includes a cross-training program and utilization of standard practices for manufacturing and installation.

Pride’s service offerings include full-service client Lifecycle Support for a growing install base of conveyance systems. Lifecycle Support services with Pride include spare parts, technical support, conveyance assessments, retrofit and rebuild packages, as well as global field support. These services ensure continuous travel of cans throughout the entire process system with minimal downtime and interruption of can flow.

Featured in Pride’s conveyance product offering is the Spiral Bi-Directional Accumulation system.

The primary benefit of greater accumulation capacity achieved by the friction-driven Bi-Directional Accumulation Spiral is improved line efficiencies. The significant accumulation capability provided by the Bi-Di Accumulation Spiral enhances the plants management of line upsets and routine interruptions like Coil changes and label changes. Which combine to deliver more cans out the door day in and day out.

The Spiral Conveyance system is self-supporting and features a stainless steel rotating drum with helical slider belt support and direct PLC panel controls. A chain drive belt system assists in calibrating the correct belt tension and extends the service life of the system. Installation of the system can be achieved with a short window for tie in. In an existing can plant, the smaller footprint of the system allows for a reduction in the required available floor space.

The option of an alternative bi-directional accumulation spiral conveyance system provides accumulation loading and unloading without the line pressure associated with traditional bi-directional tables. This system offers the client benefits such as fewer downed cans than traditional systems, greater capacity over a smaller overall footprint, and no access platforms are required for this self-supporting system. Clients employing this system can expect an increased average output of 200,000 cans per day with a rapid payback period on their investment.

Traditional Bi-Directional Accumulation Table
Size 12’ x 143’
Floor Space 1,716 sqft
Capacity 34,320 cans


Pride Bi-Directional Accumulation Mega Spiral
Size 24 wrap x 36” belt
Floor Space 243.4 sqft
Capacity 56,160 cans

When cans accumulate onto a traditional bi-directional accumulation table, there is considerable pressure due to the head pressure required to push the cans onto the conveyor. When cans enter the spiral conveyor, the cans are fed by a typical 90 degree corner, thus reducing the pressure on the cans and causing them to behave as they would when traversing a regular corner. Pride’s Spiral systems range from 400-6,000 cans per minute infeed and discharge.

Increased payback is seen in greater label changes and the use of multiple decorators or bright systems with 2-3 decorators. With multiple printers, there are greater line upsets; the spiral helps to mitigate the downtime from these upsets.