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Roeslein opened the Shanghai location in 2011 with the purpose of supporting several canmaking facilities in the surrounding areas. Now, seven years later, Roeslein has the capacity to take on the full scope of canmaking projects and has grown its workforce by adding local engineers, marketing, and project management positions.

Shanghai’s level of expertise and experience has paralleled this growth making it home to several new major projects including the design-build of Greenfield can plants in Qingdao, China and H.C.M.C., Vietnam.

One of its most recent and notable projects has been the completion of Pakistan’s first ever can manufacturing plant for Pakistan Aluminum Beverage Cans Limited (PABC) in Islamabad. Roeslein was the chosen integrator for the project contributing engineering, fabrication, and construction to build and install a state of the art high speed line. With capacity of 700 mill cans per annum with potential to expand to 1.2 bill cans per year, the benefits from this plant are enormous for Pakistan. Before the project, one hundred percent of its aluminum cans were imported. Now, Pakistan is able to produce all of its own cans while also having to capacity to export to Afghanistan and neighboring markets; this lessens the cost of production dramatically for the beverage companies.

Roeslein Shanghai location

Roeslein Shanghai location

“We are proud of what our Shanghai location has accomplished and look forward to continuing to capitalize on our current opportunities and any new ones that arise,” stated Dr. Gangwei Wu.

Roeslein’s Shanghai location is comprised of a 33,000 Sq. Ft. world-class engineering facility and an assembly shop with up to 75,000 Sq. Ft. of capacity. It offers a fully staffed engineering office and the same fabrication capabilities and unitized preassembly construction approach as its U.S. subsidiary in Red Bud, IL. Its staff is augmented with resources from its U.S. and U.K. offices to ensure the same level of quality control and operational standards that make Roeslein a proven leader in implementing projects globally.

Roeslein & Associates was founded in 1990, specializing in engineering, modular fabrication and construction services. The company has product offerings in canmaking, the container manufacturing industry and the process and energy sectors with annual revenues over $200 million. Its 400+ employees are spread throughout offices in St. Louis, MO (HQ); Red Bud, IL; Denver, CO; Northampton, UK and Shanghai, China.