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Roeslein’s Charitable Giving Committee under The Roeslein Way recognized the growing amount of people going hungry and identified several different ways they could make an impact. Over the past year, Roeslein made several donations globally to continue the fight against hunger.

To kick off their initiative, The Charitable Giving Committee of The Roeslein Way donated $25,000 to Frontline Foods, whose mission is to feed healthcare workers and first responders on the frontlines of the pandemic. At the time, the pandemic showed no signs of slowing down. In fact, record numbers of infections and deaths continued to climb. Frontline workers continued to be stretched to their endurance limits, while local businesses were experiencing cumulative critical losses of revenue. This donation supported workers of critically important meals, provided strategic support for the communities in which we operate, and fostered our responsibility as a caring community partner. The donation was split amongst St. Louis, MO; Red Bud, IL; Northern Missouri; Denver, CO; Michigan City, IN; and Hollister, CA.

As 2021 has gotten underway, the Charitable Giving Committee has made several more global food donations.

Since announcing the opening of their engineering and manufacturing operations in São Paulo, Brazil the company has worked to establish a connection with its local community. In May 2021, they began donating to the community food pantry monthly. These donations help families in need in the São Paulo area.

Roeslein also made significant food donations across the United States. Through its Denver location, the office donated $3,000 to Food Bank of the Rockies that would help provide 12,000 nutritious meals to people facing hunger. The foods distributed include fruit and vegetables, meat and other proteins, dairy, grains, and culturally responsive foods such as rice noodles and avocados.

“When I’m involved in initiatives like this, I personally feel lucky to have a stable income, and even further blessed to be part of a company that supports a local community need,” committee leader Jo Hart said. She continued, “When I stopped for a moment and thought about what it would feel like to suffer from hunger, it made me realize how important it is to support these basic needs around us, in our own neighborhoods.”

Roeslein’s headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri also donated $3,000 to Operation Food Search (OFS) based out of St. Louis, Missouri. For every dollar donated, OFS can provide $10 in food and nutrition services to those in need. Operation Food Search works to ensure that all St. Louis area children and families have the nutrition, food, and skills they need to live a healthy life.

To learn more on how to help St. Louis families and individuals that struggle with hunger and food insecurity, visit To learn more on how to serve communities across Colorado and Wyoming, visit

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