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Phase One: Conceptual Design Phase.  For most large cap expenditure projects, the earlier Roeslein is involved, the more effectively Roeslein’s methodology identifies efficiencies.  At each step in the 5-Phase Approach, Roeslein evaluates project components relative to cost, schedule, and quality priorities.  Roeslein then helps the client give the proper weight to each of these priorities for each project component and analyze data for the development of final feasibility studies.  As part of the Conceptual Design Phase, Roeslein assists the client in the development of preliminary planning in five key areas: scope, budgets, responsibilities, schedules, and preliminary design.

Project scope – Roeslein’s engineers and project managers work closely with the client to provide expertise in general project arrangement and to explore and identify areas that lend themselves to a modularized/unitized/pre-assembled approach.  Roeslein helps clients identify the parameters of the work which must be performed in order to meet client objectives in relation to project cost, schedule, and quality.  In fact, in many circumstances Roeslein can assist the client to develop the manufacturing process itself.

Project Budget – During the Conceptual Design Phase Roeslein helps the client develop to a +/- 10% working budget to achieve the objectives outlined in the project scope.  Since Roeslein is not an OEM supplier it can offer unbiased advice regarding parts and equipment options to achieve the client’s best interests.  Frequently, Roeslein clients use its budget estimates developed during the Conceptual Design Phase as a baseline for obtaining their project funding.

Responsibilities – For each project aspect, Roeslein develops clear spheres of responsibility to precisely define and document the roles and obligations of all project participants, including the client, Roeslein, OEM’s, and subcontractors.  This matrix of responsibility is instrumental in a smooth project kick-off and is critical to the entire project all the way through startup and commissioning.

Schedule – Roeslein ensures an accurate, comprehensive project schedule for all steps of the project by researching, evaluating, and compiling the information developed during the Conceptual Design Phase, including project scope, budget, and responsibilities. Again, because Roeslein is not an OEM supplier, we are able to provide balanced consultation, which is weighted properly towards the customer’s requirements for cost, schedule and quality.

Preliminary Design – Finally, as part of the Conceptual Design Phase, Roeslein works in conjunction with the client to develop Process Flow Diagrams, Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID’s), Mass Balance Lists, Pipeline Lists, Instrumentation Lists, Materials & Construction Lists and other preliminary design elements that ensure a smooth transition into the detailed engineering step of the project in Phase Two.