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In its continued effort to diversify and apply its proven engineering, fabrication and integration methodologies to new markets, Roeslein & Associates has begun building a solid presence in the oil and natural gas markets with the production and installation of both produced water offload and secondary water flood recovery skids.  With a proven comprehensive engineering approach, Roeslein implements fit-for-purpose designs for clients who require a high degree of management and reporting in their water recovery management. In close collaboration with experienced E&P Producer / Operators, Roeslein draws on its years of experience in engineering, fabrication, and integrating modular solutions for capital equipment projects to consolidate adaptability, convenience and dependability into a value-based solution.

This design adapts to individual requirements for security, safety, reporting, and durability based upon real-world field conditions for each client or project, including

– Protection of the human-machine interface (HMI) by card swipe or passcode-secure access

– Reduction of explosion risk with grounding clips whenever necessary (Class 1, Div. 1 design)

– Real-time reporting options for controlled actuated valve design with both qualitative and quantitative characterizations of recovered water

– Heat-proofed or insulated, highly durable, transportable modules for harsh field conditions

– Fully enclosed, climate-controlled environments for continuous monitoring situations

By adjusting its straightforward and modular design only as needed, Roeslein’s engineering and fabrication process create value for its truck offload skid customers.  Customizing only where necessary allows Roeslein to achieve aggressive turnaround times of approximately 8 weeks for standard designs, and 12-16 weeks for customized skids.  Because Roeslein has extensive worldwide experience installing and integrating modular equipment solutions, it can follow each skid into the field, whether for single or multiple unit installations, and quickly and efficiently install new units or integrate new components into existing oil and gas field equipment.

Whether client water recovery management needs include regulatory reporting requirements, financial accountability standards, or simply efficient reclamation & re-use operations, Roeslein’s produced water offload and secondary water flood recovery skids are an excellent value-based solution. Roeslein’s skids, designed and built to be high-quality, ruggedly durable, modular components, meet the needs of harsh field conditions in 24/7 commercial oil and natural gas operations.