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The ability to influence costs is critical to meeting or exceeding budgetary goals and preventing contract growth on the type of large specialized plant facility projects executed by Roeslein & Associates.  While serving clients in a wide range of industries, such as metal container manufacturing (canmaking), petrochemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, biotech, renewable energy, and biofuels, Roeslein approaches these extremely complicated projects with a unique approach – Modularization, Unitization, and Preassembly.  This approach allows Roeslein to exert the maximum influence over costs for as long as possible in project schedules, and delivers concrete cost reductions to its clients and a quicker return of invested capital.

The Modularization, Unitization, and Preassembly approach works to reduce costs in two ways.  First, as compared to the conventional approach used by many of Roeslein’s competitors, nearly all of the design, manufacturing, and fabrication of the plant equipment or system is moved away from the job-site, and into the controlled environment of either its US or China fabrication facilities. Hence the off-site process and on-site facility construction proceed simultaneously.  This facilitates a reduction in timetables for both phases of the project, saving time and money.

Second, unlike in a conventional approach, Roeslein breaks the plant manufacturing systems down into self-contained unit sections, which are fabricated and tested in a controlled environment.  As a result its skilled engineering and fabrication teams produce a superior quality product in less time and with a smaller labor force than could be done on-site.  The same principle applies to the installation team at the facility location once the unitized modular sections arrive.  Because unit sections, even when disassembled, are shipped as units in its own shipping containers and from the same location, Roeslein maintains greater control over on-site costs.  On-site staging and commissioning is reduced to a minimum, less on-site storage and security is needed, and client design efforts are reduced.  The controlled fabrication and testing process also means there is less on-site rectification and fewer change orders.  The installation team benefits from these efficiencies and can complete the job more quickly, and with less labor than otherwise could occur.

As a result of Roeslein’s Modularization, Unitization, and Preassembly approach and the cost influence it exerts over the life of the project, its clients realize a faster commissioning, start-up, and return on investment while at the same time expending less overhead and resources through project completion.