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Global safety month is celebrated every year in June as a time to reflect on working conditions and spread awareness of safety hazards in the workplace. Roeslein & Associates takes this time to communicate current safety trends to all offices and raise awareness of safety’s important role in the industries Roeslein serves.  

This year all Roeslein locations celebrated Global Safety Month by posting weekly safety updates, scheduling evacuation drills at each office, and hosting business success luncheons. 

 “Within Roeslein, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to shift from National Safety Month to Global Safety Month.“ said EHS Manager Brendan Georgeff. “As a top priority within our company, safety is not just a stepping block to getting a job done; it is a culture and mindset across all locations domestically and internationally.  Even though Roeslein emphasizes the importance of safety throughout all months of the year, we are proud to use June as the showcase for all the great things we do as an industry leader in environmental compliance, employee health, and safety.” 

The safety team also used this time to highlight Roeslein’s new incident reporting database, VelocityEHS. This analytically driven system allows the safety department to track incidents ranging from injuries to potential hazards down to precise locations, departments, and job tasks. With Velocity EHS, incident reporting at Roeslein will have better insight, enhanced accountability, and continuous improvement. 

For more information about the National Safety Council or how to get involved in National Safety Month, visit their website at 

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